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One of the leading figures in Bajoran religion up until his untimely death in 2371, Vedek Bareil's influence remains. A key aide to Kai Opaka until her death in 2369, Bareil helped her prevent further loss of life during the Kendra Valley Massacre earlier that year. Following her death, Bareil became a top contender for election to the position of Kai alongside then-Vedek Winn. Although he would become the leading candidate in the race for the Kai, Bareil withdrew his nomination only shortly before the election in 2370. He would instead become a key aide to Kai Winn, instrumental to the peace treaty between Bajor and Cardassia in 2371. Bareil became romantically linked with Major Kira Nerys, Bajoran Liason Officer to Deep Space Nine.
Serving as Kai for much of the harsh Cardassian Occupation, Kai Opaka became exceedingly popular, continually providing her people with the strength and unity they needed to survive this period. Although she became a recluse for much of the latter period of the Occupation, diffusing a situation at Kendra Valley, she emerged in 2369 to identify and aid The Emissary, Cpt. Benjamin Sisko, in the fulfillment of his destiny to find the Celestial Temple and contact the Prophets. One of the more popular Kais in history, Opaka ventured into the Gamma Quadrant later in 2369 and was killed in a crash of the USS Yangtzee Kiang on an unexplored moon. She has subsequently been succeeded by Kai Winn.
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