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GUINAN The left-handed hostess of the Ten-Forward Lounge offers more questions than answers. Borg destroyed her homeworld, scattering a few survivors around the galaxy. Her people normally had very long lifespans, and she is believed to be over 700 years old. Her father taught her to learn from the great thinkers of 19th century Earth. Guinan avoided racial prejudice by living in San Francisco, where she entertained many great thinkers of the time and gained a firsthand education from legendary wordsmiths such as Samuel Clemens. Some say she worked as an actress and comedienne in the late 20th century. Guinan is a mother. One son has found trouble near Bajoran space. Guinan didn't know Picard before boarding the Enterprise, but she had met him 500 years before in San Francisco as a result of a time-travel experience he had. Picard got Guinan out of serious trouble, bonding them for life. He invited her to serve as hostess on the Enterprise. Most crew members see Guinan as the 24th century equivalent of a classic bartender. She not only serves the right variety of synthehol, but also lends a caring ear and humane wisdom when it is needed.
THE BORG QUEEN The self-proclaimed central locus of the Borg Collective. The Borg Queen brought order to the multitude of voices within the shared consciousness of the Collective. She was "one who was many", in that she embodied elements of individuality as well as being the central node in a vast group mind. When the Borg invaded the Federation in late 2366, the Borg Queen wanted a counterpart; a human being with a mind of his own who could bridge the gulf between humanity and the Borg. Captain Jean-Luc Picard as Locutus was to have fulfilled this role. The Borg Queen wanted Picard to give himself freely to the Borg, and wanted him to be more than just another Borg Drone. Picard resisted and was forcefully added into the Collective. When the Borg attempted to take over the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E in 2373, the Borg Queen attempted to seduce Lieutenant Commander Data by granting him organic flesh and appealing to his new-found emotions. She and all the Borg aboard the Enterprise-E were killed when plasma coolant released by Data liquified their organic components.
GUL DUKAT Dukat is a Cardassian military officer, whom as a Gul, was the last prefect in charge of the occupied Bajor, just prior to the Cardassian retreat from the planet in 2369. He also commanded Terok Nor, which was the Cardassian name for the space station Deep Space Nine. Although Dukat was physically removed from Deep Space Nine, he still keeps close tabs on his former command.
KEIKO O'BRIEN Starfleet botanist, formerly assigned to the Enterprise-D, later stationed at Deep Space 9. Born Keiko Ishikawa, she married fellow crew member Miles O'Brien in 2367. Their wedding, held aboard the Enterprise-D in the Ten-Forward Lounge, was a mixture of Japanese and Irish traditions. Keiko gave birth to a girl, Molly O'Brien, a year later. Molly was born in Ten-Forward during a ship-wide systems failure. Keiko accepted a transfer to station Deep Space 9 in 2369 when her husband was assigned there as chief of operations. Keiko was appalled at the living accommodations on the station, but remained there for the sake of her husband's career. Keiko found adapting to life on the station difficult. She was dissatisfied by the lack of professional opportunities on the station for a botanist, and was concerned about the lack of educational facilities for her daughter. Keiko was able to address this last issue when Commander Sisko granted her permission to establish a schoolroom on the station. Keiko operated the school until early 2371, when enrollment dropped dramatically because of fears of a possible Dominion attack. Shortly thereafter she accepted an assignment as chief botanist on a agrobiology expedition to Bajor. The assignment kept Keiko and her daughter, Molly, away from the station for much of that year. In 2372, Keiko became pregnant with her second child. Later that year she completed her assignment on Bajor, and she and her daughter returned to live on station Deep Space 9.
LOCUTUS OF BORG Borg leader created by the assimilation of Jean-Luc Picard into the Borg consciousness in 2366. Although the concept of a Borg leader was, at the time, almost a contradiction in terms, Locutus was intended to provide a voice for the Borg, as part of a Borg plan to assimilate the Federation. With Picard's mind in the Borg collective consciousness, the powerful adversary had access to all of Picard's knowledge and experience, making him partially responsible for the massive Federation defeat at the battle of Wolf 359. The access proved to be two-way. The capture of Locutus by the Enterprise-D personnel gave them access to the Borg collective consciousness and they were able to defeat the Borg by exploiting this access. (The Best of Both Worlds, Parts I and II [TNG]) Locutus was also featured in flashback scenes in "Emissary" [DS9].
Q An immensely powerful extradimensional entity. While possessing near-godlike powers, Q also exhibits a child-like petulance and sense of playfulness. The Enterprise -D made first contact with Q in 2364, when Q detained the ship, enacting a courtroom drama in which Q accused the ship's crew of being "grieviously savage." ("Encounter at Farpoint, Parts I and II" [TNG]. On his second visit to the Enterprise -D, Q offered William Riker a gift of Q-like supernatural powers, although it was not clear if this was a further attempt to study the human species, or merely another exercise in provoking humans to respond for his amusement. ("Hide and Q" [TNG]) Q later transported the Enterprise -D some 7,000 light years beyond Federation space to System J-25, where first contact was made with the powerful and dangerous Borg. ("Q Who?" [TNG]) Q was banished from the Q Continuum and stripped of his powers in 2366 for having spread chaos through the universe. Q sought refuge in human form on board the Enterprise -D, claiming that Jean-Luc Picard was the nearsest thing he had to a friend. Unfortunately, Q had made many enemies in this universe, and one of these, the Calamarain, attacked the Enterprise -D, attempting to exact revenge on Q. Quick action by Commander Data saved Q from the attack. Truly surprised by Data's selfless action to save him, Q stole a shuttlecraft in an attempt to save the Enterprise -D crew from further hostile action. This altruistic act was enough to persuade the Continuum to return his powers. ("Deja Q" [TNG])
SELA Romulan operative claiming to be the daughter of Enterprise-D security officer Natasha Yar and a Romulan officer. Although Yar died in 2364 without ever having a child, it was believed that an alternate version of Yar entered this continuom in 2366, then went into the past where she gave birth to Sela. ("Redemption, Part 2", TNG).

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